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lirik lagu 051 diss – rocboysantana


see i wake up every mornin’ count bands on top a bands
see so many dead pres i should be the mail man, camouflage in yo gr-ss, open doors we came to play you can find my on that 8, red tapes inside his 8, ducking feds and f-ck the jaeps, b-tch you know we cpdk,dem opp n-ggas out hear snitchin she ain’t come here with the jaep, grab the ? main clip, let it draw in his face, have my youngins at his safe, scratch off like i’m in a race, drop my shorties there it go celebrate his death, where i’m from they don’t care b-tches pop you ova dere, i got 2 12 40’s hang, now that f-ckn-gga dead, my uncle hits wowil do a hit, f-ck ol ron and f-ck yo b-tch, kobe scratch off do da guys, scratching sh-t lackin, catch me lackin neva b-tch,and my shooters fin na dip, try to rob 1 move sparkin from the dip, i’m a run up on a n-gga putta gun up to a n-gga, rocboy jackboy, ain’t playin with you n-gga, 30 shot 10 shot we sprayin lil n-ggas, i’m a young boy stupid boy where you hang lil n-gga, thottiana on my d-ck gimme brain lil n-gga, come thru playin where you sprayin lil n-gga, catch a n-gga wit his tummy, big picture i change frame, big 30 good precision 50 shot great aim, good beef end game n-ggas actin like b-tches, sneak dissin for the fame, boy must ain’t no the game, in my lane you get banged , in my lane you get changed, you can’t hang where i hang, 2 2 3’s c-ck thru bands, so don’t ride where i hang 50 shots will make him diddy bop, beef with me boy you silly boy, got og gucci in the f-cking cut, and got 30 bumpers they lay you up, my lil n-ggas winnin they be out here drillin, got yo mama sniffin cause we took her son, now her son ain’t living no mo, got a fathead wit a fathead, got 30 poppers wit madhead, so i got l’s not die y, f-ck a opp n-gga i’m gdk, catch a opp n-gga i lead his fait, try to shoot me try to run and lead away, opp n-gga they come they bang away, gdk got l’s da gang!