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lirik lagu 4.58am (dunroamin, duncarin, dunlivin) – roger waters


[trucker:} “hey kid, you looking for a lift?
get on up here
how’s it going good buddy?”
i nailed ducks to the wall
kept my heart in dark ruins
i built bungalows over the hills
dunroamin, duncarin, dunlivin
took my girl to the country
to sleep out under the moon
next thing she’s going crazy
[trucker:] “women are like that kid
what the h-ll can you do?”
she waits for the real mr. right to come
gently removing her heart
with his promises of real communication
[trucker:] “i saw a program about that on tv, heh”
who’s always picking up the tab
who built a bungalow for his momma and dad
who took you out to all the shows
who worked his fingers to the bone
while you were asleep
[jade:] “it was me…i did!”
i kept you in b-ttons and bows
[jade:] “christ! all those clothes!
so you could encourage this creep
[hick:] “with that program
i bet some son of a b-tch made a million dollars.”
with his neat feet
and his clean fingernails
with his wise but twinkling eyes
he’s a rock standing out in an ocean of doubt
[trucker:] “get movin’, get off the road ya goddam f-ggot.”
and compromise
i’d like to go on with this bit of a song
describing this schmuck
i’d like to go on, but i’m going to throw up
[trucker:] “not in my rig you don’t boy
get the h-ll out of here.