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lirik lagu praxis of evil – rookwood


all behold the praxis of evil
admonish the fanatics and ourselves
we all bleed in hypocrisy together
a simple prayer will not clean your hands of this
and the is no martyr left alive to simply wash our feet
those with nothing use themselves as weapons
and those with everything sponsor the destruction

praxis of evil
investment strategies
praxis of evil
industry of dispossession
praxis of evil

ripped apart as the world watches on
shuffling into concrete temples
maintaining positions of employment
deployment of our genius
exchanges of self worth, symbols, abstractions, and
heralded the arrival of today
this is important, and i want you to understand

the praxis of evil
negative gearing
praxis of evil
from chain mail to junk mail
praxis of evil

your voice will never be heard
you are worth nothing to those who rule
freedom is the ultimately slavery
western democracy knows no bravery
fascism is a const-tution
and it flourishes
punishes in your complacency

no axis, no access
praxis of evil