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lirik lagu all in your head – rooney


i told you before
i’m not looking for someone to hold me
take your hand off my back
the weight is making me heavy
i don’t like public affection
it belongs in the bedroom
well i don’t want to run around
i got plans in the afternoon

what did you expect?
well i told you from the start
that i’m not your boyfriend

all the hope
all the pain
all the tears you cried
every laugh
every kiss
every time i lied
well i’m not what you think or dreamed of
it’s all in your head

you need somebody nice
someone with patience
and a big fat wallet
to pay for all your expenses whoa
no compliment will ever
make a dent in your eyes
you’re impossible to please even with surprises
i could never say all the things you need to hear
well there aren’t enough words that fit

wake up you have to see
you can’t go on this way
it’s you who makes it hard
it’s not real it’s all in your head