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lirik lagu freestyle #2 – royce da 5’9″


[intro: royce da 5’9″ stretch armstrong]

five nine
stretch armstrong is now in your world


i determine what time it’s on
i call my n*gga proof, (?) and turn him loose
i’m tired of you new jacks(?)
tired of n*ggas sayin’ they about to blow
unless you a b*tch, ion care if you about to do that
move back young sir; the glock gon’ speak
two in your vest, and turn your chest hair to taco meat
this (?) continuous to (?) smash ya
flash the clip, or give ya the picta development
cl!ck clock, six shots, flows to another door
and it gets hot
this hip hop quotable tug of war
who did you n*ggas beat? you b*tches(?) who made it work (uh)
that sh*t was (*blows raspberry) i got harder (?)
you get toe up and re*torn by the walkin’ bomb
that’ll blow up, and reform
glow up, and reborn
told you i’m a star that’s gon’ live forever
serve a life sentence, and get out, and go to the bar
so n*gga take back; i gotta go to the car
back all that, i gotta throw it in park
the iron’ll wet ya, the mossberg pump
with the buckshot sh*lls that’ll turn a n*gga into chinese checkers
i don’t even start writin’ ’till i’m on my third fifth
that’s what you get
when big minus meets the wordsmith
every time i go out, i cop somethin’ new
every time i throw this right hand, i knock somethin’ loose
who the f*ck think they can see me?
might as well brought a wife(?) and tell her you’re not comin’ home and take it easy
my guns don’t shoot they woof
at them sissy ass n*ggas tried to accidentally shoot they foot
desert eagle too big for you b*tch ass n*ggas
soft ass palms, can’t take a kick back n*ggas
and you wonder why they suckin’ my d*ck
and why i keep a suitcase with a hundred grand handcuffed to my wrist
but while the watch’ll possibly make you lose your sight, fl!ckin’ on her wrist
lookin like (?) and hazard lights blinkin’
royce da 5’9″ in this b*tch
’bout to sprinkle gunfire on any snitch
now who the f*ck want it?

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