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lirik lagu we’re all asian – rucka rucka ali


“we’re all asian”

oh, herro
my name is dj not nice
i’m here to end the hate,
and bring peace between all the asian race
i mean korean and chinese?
we’re all really the same.
i mean, we look the same right?
we eat with chopstick?

my eyes look like,
i’m mad ’cause someone stole my eggroll
i’m sad, ’cause my dad,
died fighting for his country’s b-tthole
he told me,
“son, who cares what color is your skin? we’re all asian.
some guyslook like asians, but they’re just mexicans”
oh, okay!

i pray that one day,
the whole world will be oriental
i play video games,
i finally beat the second level
stand in the center,
and jump on the bosses head,
and now he’s dead
oh very good, let’s play again!

the filipino race,
and the chinese can all be friends
’cause we’re all asian
f-ck whoever’s not

when china gets the bomb,
the whole world’s eyes will be slanted like ours
’cause if you’re not asian,
suck my yellow c-ck

oh, let’s watch some bbc news
oh, they’re talkin’ about me!

the kids,
in bournemouth
made fun of someone ’cause he’s asian
the princ-p-l said,
“dj not nice is probably racist”
oh thanks,
you’re probably gay with aids

you know confucius say,
if the shoe fits,
steal it from payless and give it to your kids,
for christmas

herro, herro
come in my store
thank you come again
i would like white and black people,
if they were asian
so when your teacher shows,
my videos to your special ed cl-ss,
please no one laugh

the fillipino race (the fillipine is a place)
knows much more things,
than the jews and gays
so if you go on vacation,
don’t go near china
you must stand outside city wall

the japanese are fine,
and taiwanese tastes nice
but hawaiians are crossing the line
’cause if they’re not asian,
they can,
suck my little c-ck
i will ninja kick you in the nut

white people suck,
and jews eat chinese food too much
black people steal your stuff
we will kill everyone but us
’cause if you’re not asian,
then you’re,
probably white or black,
or puerto rican, or iraqi

so you see my friends,
i hope you learned something today
from the song that i sing, and my clear message (nuclear, hehe)
that if you’re not asian (from beijing)
won’t be long ’til you’re gone
so you can suck on my ding dong

’cause china’s building a bomb
with a little help from kim jung
with the money we made from the song,
ching chang chong
i suggest you get facelift,
and take some kung fu fight lessons
so we might think you’re viet cong


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