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lirik lagu unstoppable – rumr


[verse 1: j*r3d]
you don’t got steel lil boy, thats a can
metal to the pigs now they lookin like spam
these industry plants are lookin’ like fans
get popped in the lip, i ain’t talkin’ bout xanz
my overhand right have the crowd yelling d*mn
can’t block my drip, b*tch i broke that dam
i’m choppin’ up flows like i speak in a fan
i bet they big mad i do what they can’t
my shots be hittin’ like i’m durant
they shots be missin i’m callin’ em simmons
my vision is vivid, i’m rippin’ the champ
i’m steppin’ on n*ggas, i call em an ant
i light up the beat then i let it enhance
my source is the plug just look at the amp
i’m on the way up like an uphill ramp
but i ain’t fallin’ down, i got the tiger stance
workin’ so fast y’all looking like a slug
if your sh*t trash, i don’t show no love
f*ck all money but in god i trust
i’m a different bee*ing ima buzz
here is the difference between us
y’all dont advance like reruns
y’all steady push, but i shove
y’all can’t fight but i’m t.u.f (the ultimate fighter)
who stoppin’ the man, i keep it a grand
i’m yellin’ out lines just like its a slant
i’m blanching up bars, i need a bigger pan
i leave a big mark just like it’s a stamp
get hit with the left then right, no pan
i cook anywhere like i carry some pam
i’m tired of n*ggas talkin big on the ‘gram
cuz in person they get flipped like a gram
and then robbed for they bands then exposed on cam
no second chance get shot like brandy
let a n*gga rant, buck his momma like bambi
rumr the pac man feelin’ like manny
you a mistake, where was the plan b?

i am no typical case
bet they ache when i lay
never late, they get ate
i’mma ace movin’ straight
i be diggin’ like spade
3 of a kind, the club we don’t break
never lacking heart, you can’t match our pace
diamonds on every tape like its copy and paste
black jack the ripper, ya’ kings get found in a lake
i load up my bait and go fish
i’m ready for war go head ric, show em how we play
[verse 2: ric da vinci]
gotta apologise
j*r3d bars going over heads like fish to speedboats
bow to bestow
i’m boutta tap to beastmode
leave ‘em like autumn lawn right before we rake and we mow
which level of hd am i oh*ca*ble gam*ing to remote
foes like please no, i can make philly special foles im lethal
i can run it better than to pass it, i’m sounding like tebow
turning beef thrown my way to a t*bone
overcooked no flavor left, wonderbread makin’ mean toast
make the peace sign after getting de*feat by not using three toes
i been saving that chip on my shoulder
you just:lay around free*toein it
flip flopping around with doritos
i must be workin at the rumr mill
i make opposition lay steel, no freeze mode
you can tri*angles by squaring up but you running in circles
i’mma x you out, this gon’ play stations outta spins
yeah that’s a cheat code
i be getting to it from the lines like free throws
i’m a walk*in bucket with this hot air im spittin from the writtens
i’m a new poe
i rip it perfectly like an algorithm
talcum sippin
powder necessary, but it ain’t goin down efficient
need the fluid flow of water dripping
rumr triple team, mj off of pippen
rodman rebound
dishin it off you sinkin’ see you in august like jada pinkett
i’m an icon living like jaden smith is
vocabulary like a smith n wesson
this semester lesson to a minor tidbit
red eye flights on that higher vision
i met my limit on a prior visit
made more tracks going past my ceiling
don’t need coaches or first classes
it’s not my fashion, i just stay on business
rap game lookin at me like a villain
that’s a nervous system
i be pulling hip*hop
no cap like a good magician
never tell my secrets, no handouts given
only way you can conjure up a song to just barely tell apart our dust particles is off of cataloging articles at bars r us and shopping off your momma’s amazon department cop discounted dollars off cuz repetition is the only thing coming close to having our alarms go off or contemplating using a tommy gun from our *rs*nal…
mugen, sorry bro bro, go ‘head
[verse 3: mugen styles]
i step up to the challenge
unlimited balance
fly like trapeze
displaying my talents
i got the st**z
i got the capital
f*ck the capitol
dc, my own universe
scan came back
got lyrics in my brain
ct, my neck hurt
watching my mouth online
pc on the pc
still speak my truth
let em see me
no tv
don’t lie with the vision
cross my t’s
and dot my i’s
like scope sights
i align precision
find time to assign the writtens
there’s no missing, but i pitch low
make my point like i’m sliding home
everyone need time alone
i said everyone need time alone

i got the drip like nose
baby i’m sick like crows
black plague
tar lungs
ash tray
how can i be sad
i made my ass some cash today
you know that it’s bad
when you asking god to pass away
but i got past those days
i’m shining, spreading light rays
i got love up in my heart
it wash over me like waves
i’m making plays by the day
no long shots, no hail mary
but they hail mary with the monetary
it’s scary how i pick lines out
like berries straight off the vine now
clock out the box, time out
logging off, i sign out
protesting bring the signs out
same god that i asked for death
give me life, been sending me signs now
who world turned to mine, wow
amazed at how it all went down
drowning in my own inner chi
how lit i be
fire, earth, water, air, sp*ce
run the race like a centipede
hundred legs to my entity
flipping b like mcd’s’
thought that we had problem
i turn our differences into strategies
i’m the captain
see the whole sea in me
wavy davy no locker baby
king of the wild frontier
like crockett
k!lling tracks
but i do it lazy
on the docket
bars awaiting
tazing me
just enter me and energize
i see the pain in every i (eye)
i stay preaching that love&light

everything possible
we the unstoppable
everything possible
we the unstoppable
everything possible
we the unstoppable
everything possible
we the unstoppable
everything possible
we the unstoppable
we the unstoppable
we the unstoppable