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lirik lagu can’t get away – rush of fools


i am an arrow, i am a rocket
i am a river and nothing can stop it
cause you are the target and you are the atmosphere
you are the ocean that keeps pulling me, you’re pulling me here

and i, can’t get away, can’t get away
can’t get away, can’t get away
i can’t get away, can’t get away…i keep running into you

i am a beggar, you are the table
i am so helpless, god you are so able
and when i get turned around you change my direction
you’re so perfect, i’m so broken, here you come with arms wide open
chasing after me down every road
you’re always waiting there


even when i close my eyes, i can’t help but see
there’s no place that i can hide, you’re such a part of me
i can’t get away cause i keep running into you
i can’t get away…