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lirik lagu lisa – rv hound


[verse 1, rv hound]
tedd locc got put in spliff, if you run up on me you get put in a marley
dont run up on me in the party, i’m smoking on sharlie and charlie
rg k n*gga smoking on ljay, ogz n*gga smoking on tay
doa k n*gga smoking on blay, bnu k how yall smoking on sey
if i spin thru the rey imma go blast my ray, gsg k if i catch lil jay put a hole in his mind
get to the money b*tch im on the grind, wg k iont like yall kind
makk balla k put a hole a makk mind, im always on block n*gga i ain’t hard to find
you poked lil vio and he survived? very next spun and suddenly ben wasn’t alive

[verse 2, rundownn]
if i catch me a opp put a hole in his mind, ttg k? n*gga why is yall lyin?
up on the score n*gga we is not tryin, bnu k why are yall all dyin?
lisa got shot now she is flyin, siahhh go spin the why the f*ck you replying
we shot at you, you alive now u sighin
crying i know that rando is crying, up in the air i know the he still lyin
catch jay rundown get put a spliff, if i catch lil ell put holеs in that b*tch
if i spin thru that block yeah im bringin my sitch, lisa got spliffed now she dеad in my spliff
siahhh a b*tch and i know that he bluff, if i spin thru the wise imma up it and snuff
siahhh u a b*tch and i know u ain’t tough, if i catch you in the streets them im makin it rough
im smoking on chii im takin the puff, if she is a hoe then i cannot cuff
look and we booming at all age, iont care bout ya age imma boom at even old age
smoking on flay iont f*ck with the rollas, i ain’t shooting from deep imma get closer

[verse 3, j rollaxk]
lisa got put in spliff, and i spin thru the wise tryna catch me a hit
i been boomin only since i was a jit, how f*ck is yall droppin the jet you a fool
if i catch relly k imma up on him too, if i catch yus gz imma up my tool
relly if u see me what u gon do? how u smoking on jd if im smoking on scoo
im rollaxk but im jacking my jetz, if u dare me to spin thru ya block bet
why the f*ck is yall dissing my set, if i spin thru the 8th imma up my tec
ma k im smoking on reck, nbbz k im smoking on beck
hol on just gimme a sec, im smoking on reck and im smoking jeck
[verse 4, rv hound]
how the f*ck is yall droppin my jet, if i spin thru the west then imma smoke him like jeck
im smoking beck and im smoking jeck, wg k n*gga f*ck all they sets
if i spin thru the 5th then imma spin with my jetz
if you gttm k and u smoking 18 how im bnu k and im smoking on 14
im 3rdside k and im smoking on 13, spin edk n*gga what do you mean
if i spin thru the tz then im causing a scene, before imma spin imma pop me a bean
i bugging of off the wock and the lean, if i spin thru his block imma make him a scene

(i bugging of off the wock and the lean, if i spin thru his block imma make him a scene)

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