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lirik lagu off the top – rx peso


you know i’ma do this sh-t with no hook, n-gg-
straight off the top, n-gg-
f-ck you talking ’bout?
a lot of these f-ck n-gg-s, they hating, but guess what?
i’ma let you feel this one, n-gg-

they say he ain’t the same n-gg- since he got the cash
i had to make a couple n-gg-s mad
back then, these n-gg-s used to laugh
cut that b-tch off like i do the slab
i was trapping hard, now i’m popping tags
had to stick a n-gg- up and use the mask
gotta keep the pistol ’cause i’m living fast
don’t make a move ‘fore a n-gg- die fast
if i catch you slipping, n-gg-, that’s your -ss
homicide a n-gg-, give him toe tags
look out the window, you’ll see them red flags
see your b-tch [?]
we run up that cash, i don’t need to brag
i’ma spoil your b-tch, turn her into a brat
got that chopper clapping like a school frat
know it’s us when you see them mony flags
they say you change when that money come
ain’t sh-t changed, still keep a drum
came out the cut, it made a n-gg- run
they didn’t know i was the one that shot the gun
i done took his b-tch and made him say, “f-ck love”
i was the one make your brother start selling drugs
i was the one gave that ski mask and told him thug
i’m the reason why he call himself the plug
i keep a stick for all these n-gg-s holding grudges
ain’t no trusting no b-tch, i f-ck them like they love me
f-ck the love, n-gg-, f-ck that b-tch and dump her
that chopper told me to put the past by the dumpster
[?] just want my money, i’ma get to my wallet
i dropped them all off in the hood like osama
throw them with accuracy, carson palmer
glock 45, i keep it for the drama
i cook it with icy cold, hot like a sauna
ain’t no testifying, we saying f-ck the honors
in the streets, thugging, i done lost my brother
had to cut the b-tch like i do the onions
my chopper ruben ’cause he always stutter
chopping trees down like i’m paul bunyan
ain’t no loving, b-tch, i just want the money
and if he try the gang, then you know i’m gunning
while you instagram cuffing, i’m steady f-cking
i’m on g5 jets, eating boss lunches
in the foreign whip, i tell her press the b-tton
they’re from the same country, that’s her first cousin
drugrixh, i get them off and there’s discussions
i get a k for a walk [?] coming
if you book me, i’ma turn up your function
you don’t f-ck with me, but your b-tch love me

yeah, your b-tch love me, n-gg-, drugrixh
sh-t, my whole team getting money, n-gg-
and this straight off the top, n-gg-
ain’t no need to write this sh-t
they say a lot of n-gg-s change when that money come
yeah, but you know we still popping guns, n-gg-