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lirik lagu +10//-10 – rxsolo



sh*t i’m tryna score your twerk videos
maybe your onlyfans
keep a couple bands in my pocket
sh*t i’m your man
it’s the rxsolo the dolo you know the ichiban
keep it calm like the storm that’s in your mind

[verse 1]

sh*t you can find me hiding behind smoke screen
with my eyes gleaming at the moon
it might be soon
but i find your passion quite appealing
it’s always yin and yang always turbulent feeling
i might be catching myself slipping almost had me kneeling
i knew it was young love so i negated the feeling
like give it up son
i went away
stuck in another country trying to be sane
kept at bay, sh*t i was elevated
met a couple homies and the drinking started escalating
started drinking on my own, until i found that bud that kept me waiting
i practiced isolation
mediation and social deprivation
trying to figure out insert complex
it ain’t to your knowledge i’m trying to beat the dots, the j.cole’s even the ab*souls and the adonis
f*ck it though
you ain’t even in my road
you might swerve into each other
and i’m cruising like ‘look ma no handles’
i’m like that biblical character who wears sandals
sh*t that’s a hassle
lemme stop explaining who the f*ck i am
in about five years you’ll be peeping like you can’t
believe it’s the rx
[hook] x2

[verse 2]
passed about two winters and came right back
but before i left i made sure i left a crack
did too many unpaid shows, a couple dop system flows
even did a festival that paid fokol for that hoe
but it’s cool
ended up in london doing it too
smoking some good, even the peng shawties with it too
like is this really what i want, seen to many parties doing the same things all at once
but when i step up on that stage got me feeling like everyday my day
it’s lowkey a drug i get a rush
like that long term feeling really kicking through
i been working too long to give up like who you submitting to
even stopped submitting too, ended up skipping class because of depression
found solace in working eight hour studio sessions
sh*t i’m never stressing the mary jane calms my soul
if you bring your ears closer i’ll let you know
sh*t when i came back first person i hit up was you
keep it cool
what it do
i’m back in town, if you free, just like old times walk around
maybe hit the lake with that cappuccino wine
like wait
maybe i just stuck in a cycle, the river never ends what you touch can never be recycled
sh*t that bar is vital
so take that life as it comes
let it go…
[hook] x 2


there’s parallels between faceless
don’t let that talent go to waste it’s
a shame
i’ve been in my mind for sometime like
all i speak is brain
i see you in my vision it’s so clear
i’m never running away from fear
took a couple knows in them early years

sh*t made me sour in my soul
never felt like i had a home
i’m always feeling like i’m alone