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lirik lagu breathe – ryan leslie


(feat. mr. hudson)

[verse 1:]
as my train rolls, a text from an angel
hits my iphone. love her, i don’t.
but she still wanna see me later,
her stalker instinct too extreme to date her

i can’t get too close to groupies
in the club they pickpocket you for your room keys
and show up at your hotel lobby
quit playin’ girlfriend you way too obvious

seduction is the art that she practices
she dress good — she learned from the actresses
that she’s seen on the tv screen
a max azria bcbg feen

shame how she used to be pg clean
now she nc-17 in them miu miu jeans
oh you wanna be a hollywood starlet?
open them pants put your hands in (johansson), scarlett

breathe — don’t be scared to risk and lose it all
i need you to…
breathe — embrace the weightless feelin’ as we fall

[verse 2:]
she 5’5″ but in them 6 inch heels she’s an amazon
shorty move too fast, ramadan
she snuck into my room no pajamas on
peeled back the magnum foil now my armor’s on

the night begins and lightning strikes
told her bring her girlfriend ’cause they might be dyk-s
and that might be nice, the price is right
two for one — that’s quite the night

and she proved no match

in the dark i watched her fold for my stick and move
richard roundtree moment she said my d-ck was smooth
the shaft that she’s seen in movies
i kept my chain on and she remained in loubi’s

christian heels take u straight to h-ll
put her on a magazine bet her face will sell
if she under 18 take you straight to jail
they comin’ after mr. h as well, so exhale and