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lirik lagu 18run – ryan oakes


ryan oakes

[verse 1]
there never is an easy way out when your sixteen
you spiraling down until you finally hit schitts creek
waking up every morning to a [?] screen
of all these people trying break all of your wrist
god forbid your just a little different
in this box of interest you’ll become the biggest new job
(and their gonna be)
so persistent so consistent that your so diminished [?]
(and boost up)

now your everyone punch line
(you wonder where this ends)
while your standing in the lunch line
(difference again)
just a little bit of sun shine
(boutta end it all)
one hundred more than one time
(didn’t them up)
so my hands are cast out
(i’m starting to choke)
i didn’t ever tap out
(they agrue with themselves)
so they had to act out
while that’s awesome
i’ll never be left out
knew i would laugh now
wait til 18 run
at a speed that they won’t catch
i think it time tell you that you that you won’t leave without one scratch
cause it’s just begun and the world is in your grasp
100 miles an hour is your super power and i promise you won’t crash
wait til 18 run

[rest of lyrics soon]