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lirik lagu cakes (mixed) – rza & kool g rap


[verse 1: kool g rap]
yo, we divide cakes to rise the stakes
me and my apes die for papes
bust heat and hide from jake
up in the skyscr*pe, on top of the world
back yourself against the wall, gun brawl
kid, i end it for all y’all (shake that cake b*tch)
son’ll stop the dough from flowin’
spotless rock glowin’, shots are blowin’
pop the c*lock, rollin’ waistline and glock is showin’
we keep it thugged out, who not knowin’ get your knot blown in

[verse 2: rza]
yo, yo
bob digital and kool g rap, we set the b00by trap
african wiz wit’ the gat inside her dooby wrap
derelict rhyme crabs, you rappin for a scooby snack
foul*tongued b*tch, you bound to l!ck my doody crack
verbal pellets spray, tec sound makes my amex
every slap on my snare drum son could break necks
you get yanked up and spanked up, your face shanked up
who the f*ck raise your rank up? i blow your tank up
pop the lock on a cop handcuff, puff a dutch of dust
bust the jump’ up and snuff out the judge
f*ck a cell block, black top capsule, the mailbox
it’s cherry*bone birds stash glock in the nailshop
on the strip, took a sip, twist the l top
the god jewels son sound like a third rail shock
the gold crossbone, du rag, universal flag
blast at the turbo charge and purple herbal drag
known for the w, carry a double*two in the shoe
iron snub rubber noose in the bubble goose
bullets soaked in oil, hot heat will flame broil
wu*tang slang i bang makes your brain coil
[chorus: rza]
shaolin gods, we known to stack cakes
desert queen projects, son, they bake cakes
uptown pilan dogs, you make cakes
cold medina son is bound to take cakes

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