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lirik lagu 31 – s god


[verse: s god]
your perception of me basic
i’m goat but that’s understatement
i’m aimin’ for somethin’ higher
a god of the entertainment
i’m talented and it’s blatant
my compet-tion is vacant
’cause can’t n0body follow a set done by the greatest
like who think they in the runnin’
if it’s you then boy you buggin’
you rushin’
just to get to where i’ve already been
but the vail you use to imitate me very thin
i hope you like it cause that vail is what you’ll be buried in
i am not good, i’m one of the greats
talk and debate but lil b-tch you been late
so stomach the pain when hearin’ my name
cause all you can do is whine and complain
i’m uppin’ my game and i’m getting way better
best of all time to be playin’ with letters
you don’t got the effort to keep with the pressure
i withstood the weather and came out a treasure
lil b-tch

[verse 2: big smonk]
soundcloud plays
are past 10k
sealin’ all these blunts
i am prepared to face
problems in my life don’t faze me this day
’cause the music distracts me from k!lling this name
f-ck all these c-nts
b-tch you cannot hit the blunt
why you frontin’ over nothin’
b-tch this reggie’s not worth f-ck
just hit your luck b-tton
head back to the shack runnin’
the safe place is where we coven
it’s good weed you lack f-cker
’cause i’m feelin’ f-cked up
i’m about to roll up
a fat blunt and smoke one
if you with me hold it up
all of these flows i be k!llin’
fall back and look at the ceiling
ice on my wrist it be drippin’
hit it so long i be trippin’
same with the hoes i be keepin’

[verse 3: s god]
smg across the tee
i don’t need to rock supreme
i’m too sick it’s no vaccine
dressed in black like fresh caffeine
i just pulled up with a hunned
usain the way i run it
my neck the coldest summit
i leveled up, you a one hit
that mean that no one p-ssin’ me
seeing ’em try it’s laughably
bad ’cause i got the mastery
rap, it’s no one after me
fashion, i know they envious
laughin’ when they pretending, it’s
obvious i’m the best with this
k!ll ’em before my breakfast b-tch