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lirik lagu 20a (feat. aaron i & c-prime) – s.w.e.y.


[verse 1 – s.w.e.y.]

moms mad asking me if i want a smack
i say please
it was only 17 years ago i was sucking on her breast
i don’t feel that blessed anymore
rage fills me up and i throw a punch
hitting a wall
all this in the time of lunch
in which we just crunch
we should have another senior brunch
jamming to jamaica funk
all these people make me bunk
shut up or you’ll get thrown in the trunk
sick of people stepping on me
might throw some hot tea on me
opening my eyes
stepping so hard might break ya tiles
feelings end up being piles
and we just sit back and file them in our head
(yuh yuh)
mad as f-ck
and i’m the only one to blame
late as f-ck
and i’m the only one to blame
trapped in thought
and i’m the only one to blame
i don’t know if i should feel ashamed
but sh-t i don’t even know how it looks expressed
i drop a tear in fear
not sure of what will soon happen
not even the near future looks clear
feels like i’m having wrath like the kraken
i tried approaching you but all you did is f-ck me over
tired of this
sike i just miss ya
don’t wanna diss ya
but when i try to talk all you do is ignore my word
and girl i just can’t afford that
just gotta run away from that
focus more on me instead of that
and i don’t even know why i’m mad
but no one gets it so i think its rad
(f-ck i messed up)

[hook – (c-prime) / [aaron i] / s.w.e.y.]

(wake and bake like everyday
like on a streak
she watch me while i’m in the street)
[so d-mn high i feel like i’m on mars
down on earth and into shiny cars]
you just gotta shut up and go face the facts
we made an agreement so now you against the pact
(my b-tch the best
my clothes are fresh
the renaissance in flesh
and i’m running with the beat)
[i’m out of juice
so now i gotta charge
i make the moves and then i bring the bars]
didn’t know you was a rat
we can go back and just chill in my shack

[interlude – s.w.e.y.]
wait wait wait, hold the f-ck up
hold the fu-
ayo aaron, you gotta k!ll this sh-t
you know what man
f-ck this beat up bro
f-ck it up!

[verse 2 – aaron i]

20th of april, wait man
quick stop by the petro
i’m the motherf-cker paying with all the pesos
and blasting music, and screaming f-ck the fake hoes
its alright ‘cause we make it rain though
the best download, on the low low
better than a kilo
cheap thrills
in a bag of pills
man you get the deal
we adapt to your bullsh-t
so don’t f-cking push pins
we at the grand buffet
and your buddies are still searching
and lurkin
man, i swear to god, y’all be looking like
you coming from a church inn
you, looking at a boy from south texas
bout a f-cking whip up, driving in a lexus
grew up knowing how to churn sh-t
now i only come if there’s weed that we gon be burnin’
plus understand that its money that we earning
and when we face to face, trust me you’ll be learning (f-ck!)
now, face it, no one can replace us
so if you gonna come scream
you gonna f-cking bite dust
its a l-st, for the trust, that we must carry just, now in the dust, carry by the f-cking sorcerers
its funny how money that we pay for sh-t, talks louder than the actions that it pays for
sometimes people like to call me pedro
but i’d rather if you f-cking call me pablo
just call me a name that you think i can lay low with
your boy just got ko’d and he made an excuse
like homie it was the briefs bro
i don’t give a f-ck
so trust me
you don’t really want to test us
especially after we fed up
now if you get hit, you hit with the b-ss
you only get the product, you never get the case
stop treating this like if it was a f-cking chase
cause understand that this is only a race
and you best believe that 106
is 1st place

[s.w.e.y./pxlmtl/aaron i/c-prime/forrest]
ay ay 20 of a
ay ay 20 of a
i’ve got gonorrhoea
happy f-cking holidays!

[skit – s.w.e.y. and aaron i]

hit that sh-t
ayo thats some good weed man
i sure love myself 20 of a