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lirik lagu beware – s


sorry the t-tle says by dz. this song was produced and made by d.$, thank you

( d.s:)

aye! hold on wait.. yuh wait um, whats this? oh ok yeah lil b-tch

up down, up down, up down, right. watch the little buddy do a little hokey pokey, now they be calling me a little todoroki( yeah aye! h-llo?). look to the left now look to the right, if your listening this might be our fright but if you don’t care then you must proceed, hey look there some diamond t’s( aye aye) show me billy and mandy, now you callin me handy, i got the candy but not the booze boy you should know that ain’t no good. watch the dude over there doing the woah( whoa!) aye ooo yuh aye sauce!

beware,beware,beware, don’t be scared! beware,beware,beware, i got the shoes. beware,beware,beware, don’t be scared. (aye aye.) beware beware beware (yeah yeah yeah)

last verse:
you callin me vicky because i got a big sticky. playing on the splatoon, why you got a bad tune, quit looking at my hair. wait, i don’t really care(what?). look at me boy, go ahead and stare. just remember beware! ( yeah ayeeee)

chorus: beware,beware,beware,beware,beware,beware,beware, !beware,beware,beware,beware,beware,beware,beware, aye!