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lirik lagu kali’s sword – sa-roc


now i don’t have to tell you why i’m angry
cuz a picture is worth a grand in words more
but i will bomb my devil with my alyssum bars
if he keeps try to anglesite the moor

see i’m non-apologetic with my blackness
cuz’ the dark is the beginning of the light
so i bless up the gods
pour some water on the earth
so i can properly illuminate the mic

listen, listen
i’m not a stranger to the ghetto
the social science project up the state
let’s see how many n%-ggas can they k!ll in cold blood
in the name of a traditional mandate

running stories on the news
and give us headlines
so emotions they controlling to the late
then the next program is reality television
so our own reality we can escape

they call me the first mother
so my womb exit millions
who have lost sons and daughters in their youth
then finally cut down
before they riping on divine
left to spoil in the dust
like strange fruit

i’m declaring all the land
hollow ground
cuz the fallen they deserve the highest form of respect
then i transform to kali
use my pen like a sword
and cut the transgressors
heads from their neck

my verses reverberate
like exploding supernova
birth the planet with some solid gold
seeds in ovum
lay the blueprint of freedom
over the flower of life
but essentials imprint on every rhyme that i recite