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lirik lagu jonathan – sadie grace fay


i’ve never met you
but i’ve got some things
that i wanna say
he won’t talk about it
but my father he misses you

i stare at your pictures
your photographed eyes
can’t help but wonder
what your laugh sounded like
or the way that you talked
the way that you moved
it’s strange that i’ll never get to
truly meet you

so let me say my h*llo
how are you
is it pretty up there in the stars
can you hear us or
are we too far
are we too far

did you know that i’ve seen you
in a small wooden cabin
that your dad made
it sits in the living room
right next to jason and
grandma kay
you’re all there together
right in plain view
can i ask if they are
really with you
are you watching us go
day after night
waiting for us to come
join in the light

so let me say my h*llo
how are you
are you happy up there in the clouds
do you wonder what they’re doing now
without you around

did you see the
flashing of the lights
did you know you’d never
get to say goodbye
did you cry out a
prayer towards the sky

asking for one more try
one more try
one more try
so let me
tell you that i’m truly sorry
how we rarely even
utter your name
understand it just brings
too much pain
we try to contain
our heartbreak and tears
it’s been too many years
without you

how are you
is it pretty up there in the stars?

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