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lirik lagu cult leader – sadistik


owner of a lonely heart, i’m minnesota in the coldest part
but this is washington, the coast of sharks
no this is waterloo, i’m bonaparte
napoleon complex has pulled my bones apart
[i’m no joan of arc]
i’m lost at sea, oh so noah’s ark
until they fall for me like owen hart
i hope that’s not in bad taste, like peter jackson’s horror start
or over all their heads like the lower stars, or overwrought
that means it’s overwrote, so you could overlook it
it’s overlook hotel when they go into the bushes
the snow is full of footprints that i made
i’ll be your voodoo doll today, just poke into the cushion
i feel the evil dead, coming from my feeble head
unraveling my sanity by a needle thread
i see the trends, the secrets that are being kept
like anchors that i tie around my throat, i know it’s sink-or-swim
so follow me, i’ll be your cult leader
cody koresh and the throat bleeders
i fell in love with the helter skelter on the walls
that they’d crawl up when i’d helen keller to their calls
the demerol that they pump through their veins
gets embalmed when they run through the flames
the sun and the rain
either way, it’s just the same when your eyes are closed like mine
the world can be at peace, but inside it’s so unlikeultraviolet“you come pointing guns in the direction of my wives and my kids, d-mn it. i’m going to meet you at the door every time. and i’m sorry some of you guys got shot. but, uh….god will have to sort that out, won’t he?”