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lirik lagu 30th take – saint jesse


im like lupes rhymin ape
from the land of three lakes
to three sides water
im still skating figure eights
around no figures sayin
go figure jesse ate
if i air a place out
means i like to ventilate
may have forgotten how to wait
but im still liftin plates
leave you inna state
to meditatate
never hesitate to
innovate hate
my mind straight
but thats just a trait
of mine to leave you
inna better mind of state
sealed my fate
whеn they called me saint
ain’t lyin likе wikipedia
smokin onna pack of stevia
and i change the channel
whenever i see bs media
wishin like i had leukemia
yo hoe look dead inside
d*mn you into necrophelia
lard ass likes to snitch
cause you issa supa fed
never congested b*tch
like im deain sudafed
must work at panera
how i get the bread
and whod a thunk it
a boy staying smooth
like he a donnie trumpet
stay speakin for others
cause you a puppet
we is the illest on the scene
smokin limbs of a money tree
cause my whole gang greene
look me and saigen we
still supplyin the feinds
even though i need 30 takes
you know i ain’t fake
cause i make mistakes
dont ever mis take
others rappers as real
sly cats at the wheel
stuntin to have mass appeal
ghostwriter cookin meals
guess your intelligence
is h*lla artificial
yall throwin out elegance
just to grab the pistol
while i ain’t got relevance
at least i dont wear crystals
intrusive thoughts
and exclusive thots
are what cause the downfall
of those who be callin shots
man its saint jesse b*tch
dont chew me with a box



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