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lirik lagu 3am freestyle – sal pizzurro


verse 1:
stackin these bills yeah you know i get these k!lls
yeah lazy sent me off and now i’m sippin voss
yeah i can’t fit all this cash in my pockets
when i’m president i’ll be settin off rockets
i got a drop you know this sh*t be rockin
you can see what’s in my safe yeah i won’t lock it
yeah your b*tch got a picture of me in her locket
[indecipherable] yeah b*tch you can’t stop it
imma slap her ass yeah slap shot like hockey
imma break your face imma break you like rocky
bite off your stick like pocky
six feet apart no don’t try me

verse 2:
paper in you mouth, dunder mifflin
imma slap you imma villain
imma stay puff call me michelin
sent me to the gulag imma k!llin
and when i’m done the blood will be spillin