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lirik lagu 187 – saltwound


our bright future is a body bag

a chain you have tied
around our throats
while you hold us over a
sea of pain
but that power is all in your head

you send our kids to the ghetto
to the prison, to the grave
mothers crying cause their sons in the ground
while your department smears sh*t on his name
we live in a nation of violence
your badge doesn’t earn you respect
a man k!lled, all you saw was a thug
laying dead in the street, you’re still cuffing him up

we all bleed because of you

god won’t be there
whеn you cry out my name
convulsing and writhing
in f*cking pain
187 in the streets motherf*ckеr
187 in your house motherf*cker
you’re gonna f*cking learn
nothing you do or say will save
you from
now you dig your own grave
and before you f*ckers die
you will know death
when you stare in the eyes of a
cop k!ller
cop k!ller
cop k!ller
cop k!ller
one eight seven
last breath motherf*cker