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lirik lagu 17 going under – sam fender


i remember the sickness was forever
i remember stock videos
cold septembers
the distances we covered
the fist fights on the beach
and this is when we stop
do it all again next week
an embryonic love
the first time that it scarred
embarrassed myself on someone
crying like a child
and the boy who kicked tom’s head in
still bugs me now
that’s the thing it lingers
it claws you when you’re down

i was far too scared of him
but i would hit him in a heartbeat now
that’s the thing with anger
it begs to stick around
so it can feast you of your beauty
and leave you spinning out to other
cause you hurt the ones you love
you hurt them like they’re nothing
you hurt them like they’re nothing
you hurt them like they’re nothing

spent my teenage years
spiraling in silence
and i armed myself with a grip
cause i was always a f*cking joke
buried in their humour
amongst some white noise and boys boys
locker room talk and landslides
a mirrored picture of my old man
“oh god the kid’s a dark heart
can he chin up? but he looks so sad?”
god the kid looks so sad
he looks so sad

she said the debt the debt the debt
so i thought about shifting gear
and how she wept and wept and wept
i see my mother
she cries on the phone in cover
i’m 17 going under
i’m 17 going under