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lirik lagu untamed (intro.) – samini


yagaayoi (yeah*ayy)
to di world

[verse 1]
guess who’s back ‘pon di charts?
guess who’s back with a ton load a*tracks?
you’re far too kind with the round of applause
another one! i’m just puttin’ my point across
man a*king, yuh know seh mi nuh inna game of thrones
real warrior, yuh know wi never scared of clowns
music is my mission, and the battle is the show
k!lling bad mind with di flow

[verse 2]
just before dem tink we done, see jah*jah scripture flip another page
rain goes away just to come another day
high grade family, wi all about di works
eye ‘pon di price as the going gets worse
i’m all about my business, let the music play
you don’t get no bricks if you do not play with clay
been through di mud, through di sun, and di rain
one thing mi know, no pain, no gain, oh*ooh*oh, ooh

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