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lirik lagu sexin’ in the rain – sammie


“s-xin’ in the rain”

laying in my bed girl
it’s about to storm
(i hear the)
i hear the sound of the rain
against my window pane
(i whisper in your ear)
i whisper in your ear girl
ooh you feel so warm
(feel so warm)
let’s leave this bed and make love
outside in the rain
(i wanna make love rain)
let’s do something different
girl tell me that your ready
the forecast said it’s cloudy
it’s raining kind of heavy
i can make your flood come
only if you let me
i got my rain coat on baby

let’s go s-xing in the rain, rain, yea
(rain, rain, yeeaa)
let’s go s-xing in the rain, rain, rain
(let’s gooo, let’s gooo)
i wanna feel you in and out
girl it’s your body
(it’s you body baby)
and i’m drowning in your love
baby you got me
(i’m drowning)
got your body soaking wet
girl you so s-xy (s-xy)
i wanna do something different
let’s go s-xing in the rain