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lirik lagu demeter – ​samuelo


[verse 1]
persephone’s gone
my world’s been frost for far too long
and now i’m here
sprawling vacant halls
hear voiceless cheers

[bridge 1]
and when she’s gone, i’m freezing
but as the time melts
the pain begins easing
into something else
every step i take
the flowers bloom gold
and for every seed she comes
and for every seed she goes

[verse 2]
we’re dawning the night time
the pit of the year
i know that she’s lеaving
her leaving, i fear

[verse 3]
and bеfore she’s gone
the leaves turn from green
frost grows on window panes
a soft l*ster sheen
and every step i take
the ground turns to ice
the wind starts to howl
the world is my vice
i miss you down there
[verse 4]
it’s all so unfair
summer spangled in your hair
an echoing fanfare
leading you off
back to the pit
and here the snow comes
and here i go sit
i’m waiting

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