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lirik lagu somewhere between heaven and hell – santino le saint


dark clouds over where you lay
every time we fight we always bring the rain
going through the seasons in a day
our emotions change like the weather yet again
running up the bill on my card and then
you’re popping all the bottles in the club with your friends
champagne showers, anything to take your mind off us

sh*t ain’t perfect
and i don’t wanna stand in the way for too long
if we ain’t workin’
then i think that we’re right where we belong
somewhere in the middlе
somewhere bеtween the truth and a tale
somewhere in the middle baby
somewhere between heaven and h*ll

’cause i can see blue as we sail through the storms eye
but you wanna bring rain, that’s alright
catch me on the flip side
somewhere between heaven and h*ll

(i ain’t perfect)
(i ain’t perfect)
(between heaven and h*ll)