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lirik lagu come through – santino


uh, tip the nail tech fore she touch my hands
knock it out the park i make it touch the stands
soon they gonna know who the f*ck i am
seen ya with the piggies
y’all was shaking hands
now make her dance she wanna, told me come through im gonna
we got the drinks cold
cones stuffed fat in a mink coat (coat) ain’t even cold where i’m at (yeah)
from the d so i’m bossy (bossy)
in the bay got real saucy (saucy)
dnd phone i’ll be right back
got her in the van then i hit it from the front now
we blowin’ on this blunt b*tch
she know where i’m at though
off the scene likе lipo (haha) she psycho
uh yeah f*ck it i’m the jokеr yeah i’m green b*tch
you ain’t got sh*t on me
i puffin on this smoke like its ecstasy
you come around this town
you get shot in the cemetery
that be where them b*tches are buried aye (aye)



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