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lirik lagu the captain – sarah krohn


[verse 1]
i just want you to be okay
even if it’s not today
it hurts to know the way you’re feeling
don’t worry, soon there will be healing
but for now it’s a stab in my heart

[verse 2]
i can’t help
we’re too far gone
a punch in my gut
you may just need a little love

i don’t wanna see you sad
silent suffering
about what you had
not knowing how to cope
you need to know
that there is hope

i am always here
but not always near
falling deeper into you
you don’t know what to do
i can’t take this away
gotta take it day by day
just please

[verse 3]
don’t do anything stupid
replaying the bad memories
don’t do this

’cause i care too much
if anything would happen
’cause in your mind
unfortunately you’re the captain