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lirik lagu chop – ​saturn


come to find memory serve better than a broad
who sits upon my screen for 5 minutes to lose her top

or getting in the room of some woman who see the drawls not me
cus when im rly gazed
it makes every sensation triple up and raise my day
distortion hits
i still find im wanting
kush takeoff to orbit man
come around another bend real quick
i think im bouta make that ass adore this
path i walk is gon get gory im cutting through everybody thts come up shortly as they please

cus i can make it cheap for them
these motherf*ckers abhorrent and u still leach as if they be ur friends

cus youd do anything to one day own a mansion
im looking out my window tryna understand wat happened
how we let poverty get rampant

the civillians look like paula deen and the buildings matchin

just wanna get they hands in
u playing every call of duty that they make
til u aint question the graphics
i wrote a song about going up
now im rappin
like im at ikea kitchen putting cakes in a basket
used to grind so i could get tht blue shirt
but now i look around and everybody wear tht blue shirt
i wear a red one

ya idols fall faster if u find em in a book
u findin em online then u can watch em to turn 2 crooks
in a matter of a minute sent a tweet the world shook
just to end up typing apology like a hook
and thats some sh*t i usually dont write
tapped in to my light and my dark
center the soul and hold both mics
my friends was popping percs
i tried a couple wordd
i found a peace within myself to know its food 4 birds
long term priority getting my b*tter churned
cus thats the money sink ima flood to help the earth
kick these politicans to the ugliest of curbs
where they will have no shelter and their pockets get to hurt