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lirik lagu 12 – saucesquaddd


(verse 1: saucesquaddd1, saucesquaddd3 & saucesquaddd4)
i just shot at a police and said “f*ck 12” (bruh)
i just scammed a cop and told him “f*ck 12”
n*gga, i’m finna graduate in 11th grade, f*ck 12th
n*gga a pedo, he saw a sixth grader and literally f*cked 12
my name jesús, n*gga, i can’t go to h*ll
n*gga won’t make it to tenth grade because he cannot spell
i just dissed satan, n*gga, f*ck h*ll
n*gga, i just scammed n*ggas for they taco bell
i just scammed apple for they iphone 12
broke ass n*gga, can’t even afford iphone 12 (bruh)
broke ass n*gga, can’t even afford an iphone 6
i f*cked your b*tch, shе said you had a micro d*ck (bruh)
mexican ass n*gga, can’t even afford a green card
yеah, i’m half mexican, but a n*gga got a green card
i just scammed kentucky for some green cards
i misspelled misspelled, n*gga, i’m a r*t*rd (bruh)
i just shot at trump, n*gga, fdt
f*ck donald trump, lil n*gga, we fdt
i was watching that n*gga flight because it’s ftc
i was watching imdontai because we fng
i just scammed jamaica for some rastas (bruh)
i just scammed italy for some pasta (bruh)
broke ass n*gga, can’t even afford pasta
n*ggers f*cked up in the crib eating pasta (bruh)
i just scammed a mexican for tacos
a n*gga just scammed me for some tacos
f*ck you, n*gga, gimme my tacos
i just got scammed by a white n*gga, i called him a stupid ass cracker
i’m half white, n*gga, i can say cracker
i just scammed ritz for some crackers
ooh, these sh*ts slap, these some fire crackers
i just almost k!lled a white n*gga (it was an accident) with some fire crackers (bruh)
he called me a n*gga, so i shot that cracker
i don’t wanna f*ck your b*tch because i don’t want aids (bruh)
i think i got herpes, now they won’t go away (bruh)
n*gga, hold on (bruh)
some sh*t ain’t right (bruh)