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lirik lagu 325 spin – saudi


okay i started with a cup inside another
?gangster trapping me for my big brother
vele ngiphethe intshiza thats a story for another
hey i put inyembezi ebusweni bakamama wakho okay
umagriza raised me well inkinga i was my own dad
satan ujump’ amafence for umaze had a fence
you die you die in a trap yourself look at yourself
long live swati king kong yibeachy kissing on my neck

all i say for one thing in my life
i325 is with a top down, bonke abonice basekas lam
nkulunkulu ngicel’izuka, nkulunkulu ngicel’izuka
nkulunkulu ngicel’izuka

[verse 1]
yaaa umungazi ungaphika impil’ifana nama dice
izinto ziyajika can’t belive
could that be me could it be espilini
nkosi angikholwi how could it could it be
i die so many times, did too many crimes
to care about impilo yam bade lam manje
ngabe yimi that i see espilini ngabe yimi kanjani
baby face mask, thats just how the lord made me
trynna get richer than oprah where my dou and me
360 spin untwana bless, long live swati king kong yibeachy kissing on my neck yi yeah!

long live swati king kong, long live swati king kong. i do this for you you dig, the devils revenge upon god’s servants isn’t crime in soweto you dig. it don’t mean coz i am the one thats taking nhis position or doing this or selling this then i am wrong