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lirik lagu big office – sauga sen



sit in a big office, cloud of smoke exit
close the door you hear me coughing ho
freaky ho’s that hit my bro’s that hotbox
foggy windows, eyes red need some eye drops
sh-t, roll me another smoke em nonstop
buy one quarter get one free down at the coffee shop
i rolled a half in half the time that it took to cop
bad b-tch tryna peep cause she seen my watch
gotta watch her
sittin in a big office, sit in a big office


sit in a big office
sour diesel my personal favorite strand doctor
can you prescribe me a few grams for my head doctor
hotbox raise the mercury in thermometers
body rocking lil mama bad and i spotted her
bagged her invited her over for some lobster claw
i thought you heard parties at my crib like mardi gras
sh-t, let me help relax take off your bra
rolling marijuana bumbing some doja cat
the stoners manual pilot talkin that’s where i’m at
ditch ya man and come and roll with me i’ll send you back
plug at the door let em in he borough the pack