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lirik lagu hell of a drug – savo


what a h-ll of a drug
ice is when you can’t get enough
had me stuck in a bit of rut
no sleep for 6 days, not giving a f-ck
i was running amuck
methamphetamine all in my lungs
like a dumb c-nt, i had to hide it all from mum
for what
two years of good s-x and no food
just to watch it come undone, f-ck
i lost it a little as i sat and fiddled my thumbs
thinking what have i done
i should be dead right now
cause’ i don’t deserve to breathe if
this is what it means to be numb
f-ck it, i’m on one
drake and party had me to turnt up
had a party in the hills, getting too burnt up
drink driving at the wheel with a few red cups
sweet puff in the glovebox, you know what
thinking i should know better
but i wanted to be a go getter
i wanted to stay up star gazing all week
no regrets, yeah no letter
i was addicted to a life
a life that revolved around ice
and that’s my only weakness
staring down the stem of a pipe
i don’t really wanna’ be here
and i don’t really wanna’ live no more
i think my mum don’t love me
my dad don’t know me
and now i’m stuck staring at these 4 white walls
like, aren’t you gonna’ save me?
dear god, please aren’t you gonna’ save me?
i mean i wish i could stop
but i got so much money in the bank
sitting there and it’s crazy
fast forward 2 years later
sitting here thinking how did i make it
through all the addiction and pain
that it caused for the people around me
f-ck satan, i’m on gods side
and if there’s no god, guess i am one
it was all up in my head, thank god i’m not american
i probably would have picked up
a fully loaded f-cking handgun and
put it to my temple, go pop
felt like that’s the only way to make it stop
tweaking at the shops
just to get a lightbulb
cause’ i had to throw the pipe out just to hide it from the cops
lord, doesn’t that sound crazy?
doesn’t that sound full on?
this drug was the only thing i was full of
blindfolded, i had to take the wool off
yeah, thinking i should know better