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lirik lagu foolish – scarlet fade


foolish to think
that i am in love
so foolish to believe
that you are all
i want to know

tell me again
the lie i am in
is it too late
to redirect my fate
foolish to think
that i am in love

foolish heart
i don’t know how
you get yourself
into this mess
when do you think best
you are a foolish heart

hard to believe
that every thing stops
when you’re in love
when it’s a lie
and sometimes i try

i’ll figure it out
somehow i will
be better off when i don’t want to know
or listen to you

maybe in time
it will be good
i hope that my heart
is beating still
so foolish so wrong
so apart

baby i’m hurt
put that in your mind
and then watch me rise
to become all that i can be
something… good!