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lirik lagu 12(k) – scarph4ce


violence ain’t the answer? its the only option left
every time we drop a song or drop a knee its disrespect
never cared about a vet
thats just a boot b*tch kept
real soldiers on the blocc steady banging a set
what kinda country lets a person be at war at home?
where you can’t call onto the laws because they’ll raid your home
thinking you’re the suspect and proceed to blow your brains out ya nose
treating ya people like you treat the middle east
i don’t mean no disrespect
its just a cycle that they keep
this sh*t ain’t right either
ain’t no justice for breonna taylor
andres guardado either
this sh*t make me sick i’m bouta break into a fever
every pig on earth should rot, co, sheriff or a cop
chop them b*tches into bits and really stir em in the pot
ice agents ain’t safe, y’all the grossest of the group
if my next words hurt, just remember that its true
you rape, you k!ll, you steal, you sell
you all deserve to burn in h*ll
brother malcolm stood for self defense and preparation
its time we band together and dissolve the nation
native desecration
mass deforestation
land gentrification
i’m not the left
i’m not the right
i’m not the dark
i’m not the light
i’m just sick and tired of this constant fight
just to stay alive and for our families provide
ghandi was a racist too, so we going eye for eye
you can’t listen to this song and act like what i said’s a lie
you want peace? you wanna sit and die some more?
its time we get up off the ground and even out the score