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lirik lagu child’s play – scavengehunter_hjp


yo (yah)
wassup (hi)
scavengehunter_hjp (yeah)
ha (ha)
child’s play (child’s play, ha)
(yeah, let’s k!ll it b*tch)

i walk into the room and i smell fear
i walk into the room and smell a *bleep*
if you catch me i’ll be grinning ear to ear
i heard you wanted to fight, b*tch i’m f*ckin’ here
you wouldn’t touch me even if i was there or here
i’ll be expelled or put in jail this f*cking year
cause if you hit me b*tch, i won’t shed a tear
i’ll just shoot your b*tch ass just like the guy dressed as a dear

who wouldn’t give a f*ck? that’s just little ol’ me
imma’ eat you b*tches up like little debbie
everybody’s putting lil’ in front of everything
might as well do it to, “hi i’m lil’ n*z*”

you will not see me if i’m running your streets
with my baby in the back in the car seat
i’m just trynna get b*lls deep like young gerald in halsey
i know i get b*llsy when i spit sh*t but

i am spitting nothing but facts, y’all can kiss my ass
imma’ show the whole world that i don’t f*ck my cats
i’m not shane dawson, or kia blair
you b*tches should’ve never let my lungs have air

i am just the rightful heir to the throne
don’t touch my f*ckin crown with your hands you dirty hoes
i’m not gonna chop my flow up like yemen prod
your flow is not comparable to mine cause imma god

my rhymes are not comparable to your sh*t, it sounds terrible
it sounds like an old grandma yelling about s*x that’s premarital
i told you i get b*llsy with my sh*t, just ask my genitals
you need a quote to get you through life, sh*t go ask the general
my sh*t will make you tweak and jerk like your on methamphetamines
keep seizing, i won’t intervene, i continue like a war machine
bring a bottle of wine and lean, i’ll mix it up while rolling leaves
just call me a golden thief, i stole your career with petty beef

petty beef petty beef, fill me up with hennessy
mix it up with ecstasy it’s chemistry and therapy
it’s the f*cking recipe to make me okay mentally
cause all my f*cking life i was becoming my own enemy

listen to the melodies that f*ck you up mentally
fundamentally i don’t know sh*t about this industry
that’s why it’s child’s play, i’m spitting sh*t so differently
sufficiently consistently brilliantly differently

i must of inherited the flow from my mom
cause my dad never gave me sh*t, he’s just a f*ckin bum
my whole life i thought he’d wanna see me
but now i’m 18, you missed your chance to ever see me

cause you’re a little *bleep* that ain’t ever give me sh*t
i hope to god that you end up dead in a ditch
i hope that i can call you a b*tch to your face
i might’ve never had you but guess what, you can be replaced