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lirik lagu 2020 vision – scope kashier


big knocks won’t jam up

try to run up whole gang get blamed up

i’m mmo, yea you know what i jack

try to run up you get put in a pack

enough with the back and forth when you see me on court make sure that you blast it off

and i’m down with the politics , if you try to run up you get hit with a tire b*tch

my guys they with me ain’t no folding up

try to run up you not holding up and that’s word to the gang b*tch

n*ggas be talk but in person they soft as f*ck

my gang to tactical , try to run up whole gang gon blast you

and no i don’t dance the glock in my pants , catching opps i’ve been militant

2 opps yea that’s one spliff , watch me roll me up like a gentlemen

no runts , that’s sour
in the cut like a band aid , givin h*ll play no d*mn games

herbo with me and toting that ruger ,acting iffy we gon bust your madula