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lirik lagu downtempo – scouting for girls



i’ve been down in the ground before
with a head & a heart that’s torn.
with the feeling in the can that i can’t leave home
in a crowded room but you feel alone.

but like a bad penny, i’m coming back,
i never got lost, just got on the wrong track,
but i’m turning it around, comp-ss in my hand,
im gonna make mistakes cause they make me what i am

it doesn’t matter where you’re from
it’s where you’re going that keeps you strong
and when everyone says you’re wrong
we’ll stick two fingers up, turn around and carry on

so when you find that you’re close to the edge,
don’t step back, step forward instead,
a leap of faith or a madman’s scheme
if it hurts then it works there’s no in-between.

don’t sleep; no time to rest.
you gotta give till you got nothing left,
you can push me off edge and i’ll take the fall,
i’d rather die trying than not try at all.

my arms are open
my hands are full
my heart is like a waterfall

i may be broken
but i’m standing tall
my heart is like a waterfall



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