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lirik lagu mister softee’s nightmare – screaming headless torsos


devious little tunes to enthrall
little kids’ hearts
to make you pay for ice cream
and ‘kustard king’ tarts
worse than cnn at jfk
it’s an invasion of my privacy!

ice cream tunes they drive me crazy
those evil little tunes
my mind just goes hazy
mr softee is the anti–christ!
let’s lock him in the fridge and
put him on ice – put him on ice!! –

why i want to kill destroy
that’s my joy!
i love to hate yes hate
hate hate hate!
bomb all ‘kool mans’ in the land…
watch out!
ice cream terror is at hand… ; )

noise pollution – i have a solution…
all those silly tunes
let’s shoot ‘em to the moon!
too bad for little kids
and parent’s heart attacks
i’m the grinch who stole christmas
and i won’t give it back –
i won’t give it back!!

imposing music perpetrators…
suck out all my energy
infiltrating public places with
whack–uous top 40
pied piper of ice cream
busts out my vibe!
i look around and everyone’s
dairy queen zombified
dairy queen zombified
dairy queen zombified!!!!!!