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lirik lagu 3,000 – sea of trees


i shouldn’t feel this way
i have grown attached to you
distance is the obstacle
and he is too

such a pretty face
taken away from me
before i had you
we weren’t meant to be

i feel dirty
i shouldn’t feel this way
this is not okay

i could never trust you
i will never forget
why would you do this
my mind was set

going back to something that you hate
you never know what you want
i am a f-cking fool
yet you act nonchalant

i can’t help myself
i let you back in
so apologetic
i will forgive you

i don’t know who you are
but i’ll give you my best explanation
so where is it going?

i’m breathing now that loving you is all i know
it was always h-ll for me to lose a part of me
three thousand miles will always lead me home

lead me home