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lirik lagu joyride – sean slick


mans on a joyride mans on a joyride
cold sweat yeah yeah cold sweat yeah yeah (x2)

verse 1
i like being alone
chill round here
spend plenty time on your own
it’s a lonely road
you best attone
before i make
to the throne
cold sweat and tears
i don’t bleed
draw pictures
ever so clear
i don’t sleep
cousin of fear
wrote scriptures
buzzing this year
the time flickers
aspire bigger
no less than
9 figures
been awake since 97
mind is only source of a weapon
the gift and curse
to spit words
marry pen
for better or worse
captivate em
yeah their hands in a purse
as long
the bars are ever so
what you claiming
, mans aiming
to grab the nation
before my hand is ancient
or be trapped with bacon
on a highway of endless roads
spat like bare weird diff-erent flows
don’t f-ck stereo-typical hoes
to boost that bodily count you know
that’s not slick
i ain’t like typical kids
or losers critical sh-t
me i’m on that lyrical sh-t
so i can get that physical sh-t
fake friends
how many of us just have them
at times you just wanna smack them
it’s was all fake love
from back then
it wasn’t what you imagined
your kindness is weakness
and now they plotting as we speak this
why can’t you stop
and just pree this
watch their movements
they’re misleading
what’s your motives
, i ain’t got reasons
and thirdly
yeah it hurts me
that b-tch from station
curved me
and i hope that she caught herpes
she irks me
rhyme never been nursery
a king self made
feel faded
make me say this
i have wasted
mind wanders lost
will i run its course
i got no time to think
i know these words
they will haunt

mans on joyride
mans on a joyride
cold sweat yeah cold sweat yeah yeah

verse 2
concern critics, varies
it’s the people
that give the pennies
and i’ve come this far
and ain’t looked back
i’m black, an af
visions intact
king rap
means i’m on
different cl-ss
jus be
one step ahead
it means
just stay in check
enemies turn to friends
who view you as a threat
should i stay this content
i got
all this time to vent
when i see others
pray on my downfall
queens and p-wns
cheat open arms
thieves in willing force
ready to
what’s mine
and that’s the throne
i like being alone
makes me touch with my own
like the girl said
on the sweat thats cold
ice on ya neck
breakfast comes
hands on the deck
in a hot sec
nothing ever left
can’t be trapped here
i can’t accept
facts clear
pressure bearable
or terrible
,have i got the wherewithal
see bro
i still be standing tall
life’s a mere parable
as the
end entangled
with e
very angle
, gotta be thankful
life’s a h-ssle
a scrabble
if i pop
i sold it
nah he’s loaded
but hot
with the temper
wonders how we know this
provoke him
and he’s outta here
back to h-ll
thousand there
chance to break barriers
a cold sweat