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lirik lagu why can’t you behave – see you next tuesday


you were outlined in the fire’s glow
and i wish there was a way to take me back
to be there frozen in that moment
where the rest of the world just seems to fall away
as i melted into your f*cking hands
as each thread slipped away
it was if all my prayers had been answered
turning the key to unlock
something i could truly believe in
you were outlined in the fire’s glow
revealing every contour exactly where it was meant to be
sight was my only sense not burned away
from the glaze of the flame’s dancing red light on your skin
and as i began to thaw
everything outside that room turns to ash
every inviting movement you made towards me
ignited new temptations i never knew could exist
you were showing me the warmth that i knew i needed
as if you were the devil bargaining for my soul