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lirik lagu 40% disco – sekumpulan orang gila


i see all the faces that left before you
they never had to leave
but still you gave up anyway when you know all you need was a minute with me
you pushed me away

i’m tired of being judged by everything i do
i don’t need compliment neither do i need you
you questioned me for the last time and i’m through with you
i got no explanation, and this is what i do
as life can bring no happiness in the lights of you

i’m gonna stand and pray for what i believe in
and someday, maybe someday, you will regret
you’ll regret !!

we could have been here forever
when there is nothing more deep inside
and i gave it all for you, my love
but you threw it away, wasted it away
but now i realize

please just give me hope, tell me that i’m doing the right thing for myself and for the people
no, you don’t understand any of this
please drown in your hatred for dreams and destiny
because those were the things which you used to believe in me

why would i stand here forever
when there is nothing else for you to find
but it’s like you’re searching for answer
so i guess it comes down to you and time

don’t put the blame on me for wrecking your turf
you’re feeling so lonely, but you’re the one with the curse
you only push and shove till you’re on your own
you should have learned the first time, now go the f-ck home