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crush – selena gomez & the scene lyrics



i guess i should’ve known
it wasn’t gonna end okay
you’re such a troublemaker
but i like it just that way
a bomb tick tickin’
with neither one of us to blame
just like a countdown ready to blow
i sat around a lot
and thought about the world without you
no matter what you think
everything is not about you
you think i’m still hung up on you
well baby it’s not true

now look at me
the memories turn to dust
there is only one explanation
i wasn’t really in love
(i wasn’t really in love)
it was just a crush
(it was just a crush)
sparks fly when we touch
it was never enough
it was just a crush
(it was just a crush)

you throw away the things
you need
there’s nothing left to lose
the things i never wanna be
i owe it all to you
you just can’t help yourself
it’s just what you do
’cause this is real life
not a show


you’ll be fine
just find another girl
to kick around
won’t be long until
they all know
what i figured out


it was just a crush [2x]

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