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lirik lagu one to blame – selwyn hamber


[verse 1]
i’ll live through you vicariously
wish i was loving someone like you are
i’m glad that you’re happy
but it just hurts

[verse 2]
i hope he treats you right
hope he does a better job
than i ever could
i hope that you’re alright
i’m glad i’m not there to make it worse
i’m sorry but it still just hurts

[chorus 1]
and i wish i didn’t
fall for you
and i wish
i had thought it through
before i gave my heart to somebody
who didn’t know my name
i am the one to blame

[verse 3]
i don’t really know if you’re happy
coz we haven’t spoken in months
but i’ll give you your sp*ce
and i’ll still miss your face
but no one could ever replace
[chorus 2]
the way you made me feel
i wish i had more words to say
but no words could express
the way that i felt for you
i miss you

[bridge 1]
hey if you’re listening
i hope ur ok
i just wanted to say
i’m sorry for the sad songs
i hope that you’ve at least liked one
but i know
i’m the one to blame

[bridge 2]
life’s been hard on you
and we both know that
you’re so strong
i don’t know how you’ve done it
but i’ll always love you
i hope you know that
i wish i could go back
but i know we can’t go back
[verse 4]
coz we’re here for a reason
that’s no mistake
and i just wish you stayed
but that’s not the way life turned out
and that’s just fine
i hope you’re alright

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