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lirik lagu 22 savage – sensei steve


sensei steve
false ego
i be the flyest but they can’t see im to high
im being modest but she say its to nice
i got the boom , like ima goon
not so soon im watching toons ,uh
got bout 20 caps for my cap , yuh
got bout 20 labs making sap, uh
gunna need that asap
oo you mad
well that’s sad im not yo dad , sorry lad

nov 17th
22 22

got so much to do
double on the double
make it triple double uh
equals 6 but ima 22
not 21 savage , im too savage ha ha ha
22 in the cabinet
head bang habits
tread gang have it yuh
we too savage yuh
way to savage uh
whole song got it
burning holes through my pockets
i can’t stop it
blast off like a rocket
they say im weird , im out of socket yuh
wheres my sachi , you need a papi
yeh i gotti got my flame on
ima hottie (flame on)
22 , i keep my balance yuh
22 , 22 yeh aye
22 , 22
sensei steve
i keep my balance