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lirik lagu ​iii+g0tta+kn0w – seriyouse


i got to know, h*lla thoughts in my head, let them go
.223 hit that boy, take his soul, .223 hit that boy, take his soul
i could never go out sad over a ho
it’s h*lla fiends posted at the corner store
champagne on her tits and it’s dripping h*lla slow
gas in the air when you open up that door, like woah, like woah
i could have some racks, but i’m still gon’ want some more
baby throw it back, shake your ass like a ho
like a ar, bad shawty, she gon’ blow
like woah, like woah, i know, i know, i’m high like the moon
shawty suck me up, i’m cumming soon, like a rose out the mud, i’ma bloom
chiefing on that za, i’m exhaling fumes, walk with the chop, feel like a goon
ride down on a opp, put him in a tomb
b*tch, i’m straight out the dirt like some shrooms

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