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lirik lagu together forever – set it off


they called me up, and called you out,
“where was she sleeping when she shoulda been at your house”,
but they don’t have the letter you left me on my pillow.
they don’t know where we go,
when we turn off our phones,
and those nights we went out and we never came home,
they were clueless so they make up their own little stories, with little glory.

even if they try to break us down,
they won’t even find the faintest frown.
together forever, together forever,
together forever baby just you and me.
even when it’s us against the world,
i’ll be singing you’re my only girl.
together forever, together forever,
together forever, baby just you and me.

they called you up,
and called me out,
“you could do better with the boy that’s on your bus route.”
be they don’t see the way that she smiles when she’s with me.
how she feels like i do
when i stare at the moon
and i’d hope where she was,
that she noticed it too,
when my phone lights up,
and my dimples are digging deeper,
i swear i need her.


when rumors run around,
the truth is what i found,
to keep you coming back to me, to me.